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How to Tell Your Kids Your Moving Home


How to Tell Your Kids Your Moving Home

Moving can be an exciting opportunity for a family. This is because it gives you the chance to:

  • Explore new places
  •  Make new memories
  • Change your life

But it can also be tough on children, especially if they are not aware of what is happening ahead of time. So here are some tips that will help make your move easier on your kids!

Prepare Your Kids

Teach your kids what moving is, ahead of time. When you move into your new home, the first thing to do will be unpacking and making it feel like a home. Before they stop in for a visit, give the kids some specific tasks to help prepare their old house or apartment for sale or rent out.

If all goes well, they will be excited to see their old home with new furniture, curtains and decorations. Secondly, make the move seem like an adventure! Pack up some of your favourite toys in a suitcase or bag that you can take on this big trip.

Find out where you're going and make plans for how long it will take to get there. Make sure they know they will have unique things to do when you get there. Start a countdown the night before! Have them help you lay out your clothes and pack their bag for school, as well - if needed.

Lastly, be sensitive to their age and temperament. The younger the child, the more time you may need to spend with them to understand what is happening. They will also have a particular list of things they're worried about - beds being too far away from favourite toys, not having your same routines as before and more.

Help Your Kids Pack

Packing can be a fun adventure! Help your kids to pack their belongings in bags, boxes and suitcases. Label each one with the room it's going into at your new home. Older children may want to help you decide which favourite toys they will bring on this big trip - or what clothes need washing before we move

Do Something Special Before You Leave

Hug them and take some pictures. Talk about what they'll do when you're gone and how excited everyone is to be doing this big adventure together!

Have an Open Dialog

Talk to your kids about how they're feeling. Listen to what their concerns are, and answer any questions they have with honesty.

Give Your Kids Something Special Before You Leave

Create a message board that is only for the family members who live at home so your children can write messages or post pictures anytime - without worrying if it will get seen by other people you know

Have a special family dinner before bed. Toast to all the new friends they will make when you move and how much fun this adventure will be! The most important thing is that you're there for your kids during their transition.

It's essential to be patient with your children during this time. Some may want to move all their things at once, others might need much more time. The key is that they feel supervised and supported throughout moving so that you can make it an easy transition to move in a new home.

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